HOW DO I ATTRACT A SILENT GUY? | Love Dose Episode 1

Ok... silent people are usually conservative people. The only way to make him think about you is to have a good conversation with him.

Listen carefully to what he said. When a man is born to be quiet, the girl will instinctively try to fill the silence through her own chat. Be careful not to be taken away and drown what he said.
Give him time to answer your conversation and pay attention when he speaks. Realizing that you care about what he says will make him happy and will prompt him to talk more.

Ask him about the general questions about his likes and dislikes. Try to learn more about him, such as his childhood, his hobbies, his favourite food, sports and more. Show him that you are really interested in him. Measure his feelings and suggest that you like him.

Also, keep your dress attractive. If a person doesn't talk much, it doesn't mean he won't check you. The guy is very visually appealing, so you can make your dress, hairstyle and make-up perfect. (The dress should be elegant and keep the makeup close to nature, don't over-modify, use a nude lipstick and eye makeup should be light and not excessive).

When you win their trust, many people will be satisfied with you. Maintaining self-confidence means respecting him. Quiet people are usually private and keep their private lives. Don't tell everyone in the school or office about your flirting or a first date, or any inspiration your guys have revealed to you. Once he discovers that you have been talking about him, you may lose any chance to be with him.

You can flirt with him and see his reaction. If he seems to be easy to accept, you can take more steps to make your feelings clear to him. If he is too shy about paying attention, please go back. Slowing down is better than making him uncomfortable and ruining.