What Did the Modi Government Do for the Indian Army?

What Did the Modi Government Do for the Indian Army?

If I were to give a standing ovation for the biggest “HawaBaaz” then it really should be INC especially UPA(2004–2014). Hold my Beer B***h!

Modi had done in 4 years what the “Medhavi” economist with “Sajjan” Defense Minister was unable to do in 10 Years. Call me a Bhakt or whatever there isn’t an iota of doubt that Modi was the much-needed oxygen for Military modernization.

The worst condition when Congress left in 2014 was of the army followed by the Air Force and then the least navy.

The army didn’t have Bulletproof jackets, Rifle Accessories, Light Bulletproof helmets, New SUVs, Artillery, New Light strike vehicles, Anti Tank Missiles, Small tactical drones, and quadcopters.


Proof of which are Denel, Augusta Westland, and Finmeccanica all of them date back to 2004–2014.

Going one-by-one:

BulletProof Jacket: 

Batch 1: 50000 Pcs: TATA and MKU being Vendors.

Batch 2:1.5Lac+: SMPP Pvt Ltd with Tech transfer from DRDO. 

Gun Accessory: Army wants new guns, but seeing the long process the present government gave go-ahead for massive modernization of existing arms which included installing Rails to accommodate various optical sights and modified handguards.

All the modifications are done mostly by OFB or FAB defense (an Israeli company).

Bullet Proof Helmets:
MKU, Kanpur: Almost 2 Lac+

An Infantry pre 2015 even in operationally hot area looked like this “Ram Bharose”

Today much better:

New SUVs and LSUVs:

The Tata Safari Storme is now standard SUV of the army:

The New Light Strike Vehicle is: Force Motor Gurkha

Orders bagged by local manufacturers in recent years for Forces
  1. Force Gurkha: 4×4 LSV
  2. Ashok Leyland: FAT 6×6 (450)
  3. 10×10 Super Stallion (81)
  4. 4×4 Ambulances (825)[https://defence-blog.com/army/in...]
  5. TATA: Multi-Axle Trucks (1200)
  6. Safari STORME (3192)
  7. Xenon Pickup 1Door (500) & 2Door (52)

ARTILLERY: These were the first artillery purchase and modernisation in 30 Years.

ZU 23–2 Upgrade: Punj-Lloyd and OFB.[Upgrade of ZU-23mm 2B Air Defence Gun]

Akash 1S SAM: DRDO

L-70 Upgrade: BEL:[Indian Army receives 2 BEL-made L70 upgrade guns]

AESA Radar on Ashilka Anti Aircraft systems: BEL:

Pinaka Mk-2 MBRL: OFB+ DRDO

BMP-2 Upgrade: OFB Medak[Indian Army To Upgrade 693 BMP-2 ICVs - Defenceaviationpost.com]

QRSAM: Started late 2015 tested successfully thrice till now

K-9 Vajra: L&T and Hanwa Tecwin: 100

M-777: BAE+Mahindra Defense: 145

OFB Dhanush: 114+300


OFB-Metamorphosis: 300

Small Tactical Drones:

Spy-Lite Drone:

Idea-forge Netra drone:

Add to all these Rs 40000 Cr to the army to whatever they wanna buy on an emergency basis and without much government interference. 

The biggest purchases were:


Astra BVR:

Swati WLR: Inducted


LCA: 40+83

Turbofan Engine for UCAVs:

It is a commendable job indeed. The Manik engine is being prepared for the first prototype of the AURA UCAV programme named SWiFT. Thus showing the UCAV programme is moving well under the wraps.

The engine’s technology transfer has been done to several private players including Bharat Forge. The one with the best quality will be finally selected for supplying the engine for the UCAV.

Not only this UCAV programme, but we can also use this engine for smaller Jet powered reconnaissance UAVs like a smaller jet-engined Rustom with a limited weapons payload.

Apache Choppers: 36

HAL-LCH: 189, As of now IOC achieved.


The biggest achievement was: 

Operationalising the Arihant nuclear-powered submarine 

Opereatinalise K-15 Nuclear-Capable SLBM. 

Since the Question deals with only hardware procurement I shall keep the scope of the answer limited to this further when defence R&D is concerned keeping the record of present Modi government in front of the Congress shall bring bigger embarrassment to them.

Overall I would rate the present Government 8/10 and the previous one 2.5/10 that includes No R&D, Corruption, delay, No private sector participation.

Somebody wants even more comprehensive report, here is it from Parliament’s standing committee report:

Parliamentary Standing committee on defence report 43 suggests otherwise:


The key projects which have been taken up in the 12thFYP are:

New generation antiradiation
missile (NGARM), solid fuel ducted ramjet (SFDR) technology, quick
reaction surface-to-air missile (QRSAM), man-portable anti-tank guided missile
(MPATGM), ASB-Glide, smart anti-airfield weapon (SAAW), Kautilya, Prahaar,
Akash Mk-1S, Akash NG, Anvesha, RudraM-II, stand-off anti-tank guided missile
(SANT), liquid fuel ramjet engine, HEAT- Abhyas, autonomous rotary unmanned
aerial vehicle ‘RUAV’-10 kg, unmanned small airship system (USAS), small turbo fan
engine (STFE), IFF Mk 12th(A) system variants, advanced towed artillery gun system
(ATAGS), 500 kg preformed fragmentation bomb, 1500 HP engine (National
Mission), landing gear system for 2-Ton class UAV, BMCS for 155 mm artillery gun,
Advanced Daksh platform-CBRNe platforms, wheeled armour platform (WHAP),
ATGM for MBT Arjun Mk-II, corner shot weapon system for pistol and UBGL, electric
gun and turret drive system (ELEGANT),AIP system on P-75 submarines, sonars
(ALTAS, Abhay, HUMSA UG, Tushar),supersonic missile assisted release of
torpedo (SMART), Internal RWJ system for Jaguar DARIN III upgrade aircraft, Sband
hub and ground SATCOM terminals, Himshakti (Girishakti), EW System
‘Samudrika’, Ground based mobile ELINT station ‘Himraj’, national open air range
(NOAR), ground based electronic counter measures against GNSS receivers
‘GYPSY’, submarine periscope, AESA radar ‘Uttam’ for LCA, air defence fire control
radar ‘Atulya’, air defence tactical control radar, ANURouter, new operating system,
S-band digital multimedia broadcast terminal for satellite communication, MEMS
packaging facility, multi-agent robotics system (MARS), microwave chaff for Defence
Project completed:
The plan period also saw the completion of a number of projects viz. Integrated
Aerostat Surveillance System - Medium Size (Nakshatra), Aerostat Platform 2000
cum (Akashdeep), Inflatable Radome, Heavy Drop System – 16T, Enhanced Range
Rocket ‘Pinaka’ Mk-II, Penetration-cum-Blast (PCB) and Thermo-baric (TB)
Ammunition for 120 mm Arjun Tank, Multi Caliber Individual Weapon System
(MCIWS), Air Bursting Grenade (ABG) for Individual Weapon, 46m Military Load
Class (MLC-70) Modular Bridge, Mountain Foot Bridge, Conversion of BMP into
Tele-operated & Autonomous Vehicle, Satellite based Surveillance (SBS) and
Reconnaissance System, EW Suite for Fighter Aircraft (EWSFA), Dual Colour
Missile Approach Warning System (DCMAWS) for Fighter Aircraft (Su-30 MKI),
Medium Power Radar (MPR) ‘Arudhra’, Electro-Optical Fire Control System for
Naval Ships (EON-51), Electro-Optical Sensors for Airborne Platforms (UAV &
Aerostat), Modern ESM System ‘VARUNA’, S-Band Hub and Ground SATCOM
Terminals, NBC Defence Technologies, Life Support System for Services (LSSS),
MEMS Technology (MEMSTECH), AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors
Material and Device Development, Ku Band MPM based Transmitter for Airborne
Radar, Technologies for TAC C3I Integration, Missile Launched Precision Guided
Munitions (MLPGMs), Imaging Infra Red (IIR) Seeker for Supersonic/HypersonicGuided Missiles, ASB Glide Weapon System, Open Range Test Facility for Radar
Cross-Section and Antenna Measurements (UHF to W BAND) – ORANGE, Track
Extension and Rail Track Rocket Sled (RTRS) Augmentation, Advanced Torpedo
Defence System ‘Maareech’, High Speed Heavy Weight Ship Launched Torpedo
‘Varunastra’, Low Frequency Dunking Sonar (LFDS), Seakeeping&Manoeuvering
Basin (SMB), Bullet Proof Jacket and Materials & Technologies for Stealth
Applications (STEP) to name a few prominent ones.

“Progress made by OFB in Research & Development [R&D] in manufacturing the
entire weapon system platform & its ammunition/ accessories, by own In-house
R&D is as follows:
a) Artillery Gun 155mm x 45 Calibre ‘Dhanush’: For Artillery
modernization. Its ammunition is already manufactured by OFs.
Dhanush Gun has undergone all field evaluation trials (FET), technical
evaluation and firing trials and is presently undergoing battery firing
b) Upgunning of 130mm Gun to 155mm: For enhancing the capability
of Artillery Gun. Its ammunition is already manufactured by OFs. OFB
participated in AHQ RFP competing with two other private
manufacturers, who fielded equipment in association with foreign
OEMs. After extensive FET, OFB’s gun has emerged as the only Gun
System meeting all Quality Requirements. 300 ORDERED FROM IA.
c) Assault Rifle 7.62x51mm and Protective Carbine 5.56x30mm: For
modernization of Infantry Weapons. Both these weapon systems (i.e.
weapon and its ammunition) are under advanced stage of
d) Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) : It will replace existing
BMP-II. OFB has gone ahead with the development of this ‘Complex
High Technology’ item after Integrated Project Management Team/
MoD conveyed that OFB to start Design & Development of FICV. OFB
had participated in the EOI (Expression of Interest) issued by MoD for
selecting Design Agency(s). RED TAPE PROBLEMS!
Preliminary design has been completed. Development of sub-systems
will be completed within a year and 1st prototype for internal evaluation
is scheduled to be manufactured by December, 2019.
Various varieties of its ammunition (i.e. 30mm Ammunition) are already
manufactured by Ordnance Factories. OFB is further developing 30mm
FSAPDS and 30mm PFFC ammunition to enhance the role of the
weapon platform.
e) Air Defence Gun: A high rate of fire gun for defence of vulnerable
area/ point against incoming enemy aircraft/ missile. First prototype
has been developed and initial firing trial has been done internally by
Various varieties of its ammunition are already being manufactured by
Ordnance Factories. The same is being augmented by developing
30mm PFFC ammunition.
f) Assault Rifle 7.62 x 51mm: It is being developed in association with
Project Management Team (PMT) headed by DG (Infantry), Army
Hqrs. First prototype has been demonstrated.
g) Electronic Fuzes for 155mm Ammunition: In house Tests & Trials
of Electronic Point Detonating Fuzes have been done twice
successfully and the same is now being offered for User Assisted
Technical Trial.
Following major products have been developed through in-house R&D by OFB:
a. Various types of Ammunition for Anti Material Rifle
b. Upgraded Air Defence Gun L-70
c. Mine Protected Vehicles
d. Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) Recce Vehicle
e. 7.62 x 39mm Assault Rifle ‘Ghatak’
f. Chaff Launcher ‘Kavach’ and Chaff Decoys
g. Naval Gun CRN-91
h. Aerial (i.e. Aircraft) Bombs
i. Image Intensifier based night sight for Driver of all Armored Fighting Vehicles
(BMP-II, T-72 & T-90) for night fighting capability
j. Thermal Imager based night sight for Commander of T-72 Tank
k. Non Prohibited Bore Pistol & Revolver (0.22 and 0.32 Calibre)
l. Under Barrel Grenade Launcher & Multi Grenade Launcher
m. Anti Submarine Rockets RGB-60 & RGB-12
n. A-7 Ammunition 7.62mm Calibre”

1. Some people will be accusing me of being an Andbhakt. A piece of advice to them *MIDDLE FINGER*

2. All the projects were done under UPA-1 and UPA-2.

Busting the myth of UPA doing everything:

To set the records straight, UPA was good at only granting AoN and Giving out Tenders. Explanation of all the projects one by one: 

BulletProof Jacket: “The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) had accorded acceptance of necessity (AoN) in October 2009 for procurement of 3,53,765 bullet-proof jackets, including quantity 1,86,138, to be procured in the 11th Army Plan. The request for proposal (RFP) was issued to 36 vendors on 3.3.2011 but had to be retracted on 8.12.2011 to address issues in respect to the conduct of trials. The RFP for the light-weight modular jackets was issued again in December 2012. However, it was retracted on October 5, 2015as none met the technical parameters or GSQRs.As an “interim emergency acquisition” through the “revenue route” last March, the government had placed an order to purchase 50,000 new bullet-proof jackets from Tata Advanced Materials after a delay of more than 10 years” said Manohar Parrikar[Rs 1,000 cr order: Good news for army men, trials for bullet-proof jackets set to start

BulletProof Helmets: [OFFICIAL RFI: https://indianarmy.nic.in/writer...] But purchase finally takes place in 8 Years.[Army to get 1.59 lakh ballistic helmets

Light Strike Vehicle and SUV: First RFI in 2012, Cancelled Twice, final RFI in 2016, Purchase completed by July 2018. 

Akash-1S SAM, ASTRA BVR, SWATI WLR: This great accusation by half-witted semi-literate people! The Akash and Akash 1S are two different versions later being the latest, the Akash 1S was selected by DROPPING THE SRSAM TENDER WHEN JAITLEY WAS DEFENSE MINISTER. ALL OF THEM WERE REJECTED IN FAVOUR OF IMPORTS BUT CURRENT GOVERNMENT STRUCK DOWN THE TENDER ALTOGETHER AND CHOSE INDIGENOUS PLATFORMS. 

Apache, Chinook, M-777: Took 9 Years to materialise and 2 years after PM Modi took charge. 



Congress (Except Shastri Ji and Indira Gandhi) compromised it to the last day and this answer is just a small detail if someone wants I can add more as well.

1. First Chinook handed over to IAF by Boeing.

2. Modi Government has announced the biggest ever Defense budget i.e 3 Lac Crore a steady increase of 7% from last year.

3. New Sniper rifles inbound for Northern command along with new Battle Rifles[SIG-716-G2]. Confirmed by COAS.