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CAB Quotes in English

I Am Not Happy With the False Narrative That
The Government Spreads.

That Everything is Fine,
I Don't Believe, Do You?

NRC CAA Quotes in English

You Pelted Stones, You Burned My Train.
You Heard Rumours, Didn't Apply the Brain.

Enough for Now. It's Your Turn for Pain.
Hey Traitors! You Don't Need to Explain.

NPR Quotes in English

Beginning of Decade:

End of Decade:

CAA Quotes in English

Your Jails Will Have No Place
Even Temporary Jails
Will Not Be Enough!
It's Funny How a Govt Kills
Own Citizens for
Protecting Foreigners !!

NRC Quotes in English

You Want Discrimination on the Basis of Religion.
I Affirm the Secular Idea of the Constitution.
We Are Not the Same Bro...

Law Against the Principles of 
Eternal Justice is the Worst Form of Tyranny.
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