Do you regret voting for the BJP in 2019 after CAA?

In India, it used to be a stereotype that a politician’s manifesto only shows what the people dream and not what the Politician wants to do. When Modi said he has a vision for New India, most of us thought that it is just the usual world play a Politician indulges in for votes. But over the years Modi has shocked and surprised people with a spree of decisions which have been pending inexorably so much so that we started feeling that they are impossible to make. Modi in his first term passed decided One rank one pension (OROP), a historical decision languishing in galleries of the legislature for decades in previous regimes. Apart from that BJP couldn’t fulfil other points in the manifesto, not that they didn’t want to do but they didn’t have the numbers [in Rajya Sabha] to implement other points in the manifesto. But even then the BJP Govt had the gall to retaliate to Islamists attack by Pakistan on Indian soil. The nation was pleasantly surprised with the Surgical Strikes and the Airstrikes.

Opponents thought this BJP govt is as flustered as the ones before to take decisions. So they start mocking the incapacity of ours. Remember the challenge that Islamist Owaisi gave on article 370 after the result of 2019 general elections? Not just Owaisi every roadside Islamist believed that this is the nation of Cowards which can’t take bold decisions.
“Arey Now we have a Govt of trolls. Ask the master of the trolls [ Referring to Modi] if he has gall to remove Article 370.”

I remember even Ravish Kumar used to mock BJP for Ram Mandir and Article 370. It was a favourite pastime of Online Marxist and Islamist to tease the party followers for not fulfilling the point in BJP manifesto. And then Modi within days of the second term fulfilled the two biggest points of his manifesto.
  • Article 370
  • Ram Temple
[First ball four, Next ball Six]
And to top it they took a step to sideline Rohingyas they passed
  • CAB
This is perhaps for the first time in History of Independent India that a party is on a spree in fulfilling their election manifesto something which used to be forgotten soon after the election results. Even the opposition is convinced that BJP will be following their manifesto when they are showing the BJP’s manifesto to scare Islamists and their supporters that BJP is going to implement NRC.

Never in my life, I have felt we as a nation were more emboldened and upbeat. In fact, I firmly believe it’s been a millennium since we felt the same [Prithvi Raj Chauhan times]. We have a party whose leader can walk the talk. That we have a leader who is not remote control to Humiliate the majority.
We have a leader who proudly represents his culture and not a PM who under the control of a person of foreign origin officially humiliate Hindus.
We have a Govt whose leader takes a decision for the benefit of his nation and not his family. I shudder to remember the days when corruption scandals used to emerge one after other. And you think I should regret voting BJP for doing what I voted them for? Bite me. You took tolerance of Indians for granted sir.