Best Honeymoon Stories

I am feeling shy so I am going anonymous.
OK the most embarrassing thing on our honeymoon was that we did not know how to do it. Yes you are guessing right. It's sex.
I am an Indian and in our culture, some people don't believe in sex before marriage. We were in a relationship for around 3 years before getting married. We held hands, hugged, kissed but never had sex. My boyfriend cum husband was the one who insisted that we should not cross the line before marriage. So we imagined but we never had sex.
On our firstnight, we were tired, so it was impossible for us. We left for honeymoon within a week. And then one night, we were romantic and it started and then at one point, we were clueless. I shouted at my husband,
I - Being a girl, I don't know but you boys watch porn so much and still u don't know how to do it.
He - look I know theory but I don't have any practical experience. I am also doing it for the first time. We looked at each other and laughed.
Ok and I am not telling after story. I hope I have answered the question.